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Our Creed: “The True Gentleman”
The True Gentleman by John Walter Wayland is a timeless expression of the highest ideals we hold as Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers. It defines the core of our conduct and aspirations, encapsulating the essence of noble character, humility, sincerity, and integrity. It's not only a set of guidelines but the very fabric that weaves together the spirit of our brotherhood.

Our Mission
At Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we're united in a mission to cultivate the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, and service. Our foundation lies in the profound principles established by our Founders, echoing through the words of The True Gentleman.

A Living Tradition
For over fifty years, "The True Gentleman" has been a pivotal part of our fraternity's ethos. Each brother, from the moment of his initiation, strives to embody its virtues, aiming for the ideal it presents. It's a vision that guides us, a benchmark for our personal and collective growth.

A Journey of Discovery
The creed's journey to us is a story in itself. Brought to prominence by Judge Walter B. Jones and popularized by John Moseley's deep appreciation, it was mistakenly believed to be anonymous for years. Its true author, John Walter Wayland, was identified thanks to the detective work of Phoenix editor Joe Walt, connecting it to its origins in a competition by The Baltimore Sun.

The Essence of Our Bond
"Why hold 'The True Gentleman' in such high regard?" one may ask. It's more than words—it's the embodiment of our ritual, the pledge every brother takes, the criteria for our accolades. It's our shared language and creed, part of the glue that binds us. It serves as a reminder to us and a message to others of the noble path we've chosen. This creed is our common thread, the foundation of friendships that last a lifetime.

- Past ESR G. Robert Hamrdla


The True Gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Founding Date

March 9, 1856 - The roots of our fraternity were planted on this day, laying the foundation for a legacy of leadership, brotherhood, and service.

Billy Levere Pledged
June 18, 1894 - A significant milestone in our history when Billy Levere, a name synonymous with fraternity ideals, joined our ranks.

Opening of LMT
December 28, 1930 - We expanded our commitment to leadership with the opening of the Levere Memorial Temple, a sanctuary for our brotherhood.

First Leadership School
August, 1935 - Reinforcing our dedication to growth and development, the first leadership school was instituted, fostering a generation of trailblazers.

Sesquicentennial Celebration
March 9, 2006 - Marking 150 years of fraternity history, we celebrated our sesquicentennial, reflecting on our journey and envisioning the future.

300,000th Member
November 12, 2011 - A testament to our expanding brotherhood, we welcomed our 300,000th member, each one upholding our values and traditions.


A Legacy of Brotherhood & Excellence

Eminent Archon

Louisville, MS

(662) 803-0263

Eminent Deputy Archon

Flora, MS

(601) 613-4568

Eminent Treasurer

Greenville, MS

(662) 820-6935

Eminent Warden

Paducah, KY

(270) 519-9514

Eminent Recorder

Bartlett, TN

(901) 503-4049

Social Chairman

Yazoo City, MS

(662) 998-1030

Recruitment Chairman

Lakeland, TN

(901) 395-6125

Member Educator

Sunflower, MS

(662) 207-2130

Alumni Chairman

Brandon, MS

(601) 955-6220

House Manager

Grenada, MS

(662) 809-5853

Philanthropy/Service Chairman

Brandon, MS

(601) 500-0656


Executive Council


2022 - 2023




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